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Lista creates perfect marriage of organization and aesthetics for Acton Toyota

Littleton, MA / Automotive service and parts departments

When Acton Toyota made the decision to build a new, state-of-the-art facility in Littleton, MA, upgrading the service department was a priority. "In the old building there were free-standing metal benches that were wobbly and ugly, along with some rickety wooden shelves," said Chuck Bradshaw, Acton Toyota service director. "It didn't provide much storage and everything was out in the open, so it wasn't particularly pleasing to the eye."

"Previously," noted Bradshaw, "everyone had their own toolbox, which made the place look sort of like a yard sale. We didn't want to look like a garage with individual mechanics; we wanted a uniform look with some visual appeal."

According to Bradshaw, "In our research, we noticed that Lista not only had great shelving, they also offered terrific, high-quality toolboxes. The Lista products were more like high-quality industrial toolboxes. Then we looked at their benches and shelving, and we saw how much better the quality was than what everyone else was offering."

In the service area, 30 of Acton Toyota's 32 bays are outfitted with Lista's automotive workbenches. The benches, featuring stainless steel worksurfaces, are accompanied by 30 built-in toolboxes, one next to each single bench and two for the doubles. Pump controls for the two lifts are mounted in the bottom of each bench in a customized lift control drawer.

In the parts area, Acton Toyota elected to use a three-section Lista Storage Wall® system. The drawers, shelves and roll-out trays of this 18-foot-long, 10-foot-high storage solution can be configured for ideal storage and retrieval, depending on the application. Further, custom shelving and partitioning of each section of the system allows Acton Toyota personnel to match the size of the items being stored – even oddly shaped parts. "It has definitely made a huge difference," he said. "Everything is kept neat and organized. It's just a much cleaner look. There are no products falling all over the place, and it helps ensure that our people can get to parts and materials much faster."

In addition to the increase in productivity and organization and the improved aesthetics, the Lista equipment has brought other important benefits to the service area.

"Lista helped us customize the toolboxes for each mechanic," says Bradshaw. "Some of the guys have very long tools and we needed some long drawers along with some deep drawers. We were able to put together what we wanted to give the guys – the best storage solution rather than trying to go with something in many pieces."

The Lista benches and toolboxes have even delivered a benefit that Bradshaw could not have foreseen: employee retention. "Each mechanic has his own toolbox and bench area, which makes them feel like part of a team," he said. "It really gives them a sense of belonging. Our mechanics are not tempted to leave for a dollar an hour more; consequently, our turnover is lower."

Acton Toyota now has a dealership where the parts and service areas not only operate more efficiently, they are almost as attractive as the showroom. "We have a service drive here where people can actually drive up and see the service area," says Bradshaw. "It looks really nice now, everything is neat and clean, as is the parts area. There is basically no place in our entire facility that we couldn't show off to our customers with pride."