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Boston Volvo Village reaches for the stars with its high-density Lista parts storage

Boston, MA / Automotive parts department

The Parts Department of this Volvo dealership is one of the three largest in the nation, to the tune of about $9 million a year. But Bob Crete, Operations Manager and Parts Manager, recognized that it was only partly organized and efficient. A previous reorganization had brought a number of Lista modular drawer cabinets into the department. But a large percentage of their parts were still being stored in basic bins, racks and open shelving. "These storage products were inflexible, unattractive, and wasted space," says Crete.

"We needed to bring the rest of our department up to the level of the Lista cabinets we already had in use," Crete observed.

Boston Volvo Village invested in a system of 24 Storage Wall® units. The Storage Wall solution enables Crete's department to store small, medium and large-sized parts together, with easy access to all of them. The system is home to a vast array of parts, including air filters, headlights, lamps, lenses, gaskets and brake components, all in the drawers and on the shelves. Heavier items like bulk brake fluid, antifreeze and heater motors are stored on roll-out trays. "We definitely take advantage of Lista's 440 lb. capacity and full extension capabilities with these bulkier items," says Crete.

The 118" high Storage Wall uses the full height of the parts department to get the maximum storage capacity out of its cubic space.

Boston Volvo has experienced a 25% increase in efficiency, in Crete's estimation. "What would once take 2-1/2 days to restock now takes as short as six hours," he offers as an example. "Because of the Storage Wall system's use of maximum cubic space, we actually have 30-35% capacity available for expansion. And this is extremely efficient and flexible storage. If I want to continue this configuration, it will be available to me years from now because the frames are standard. If my needs change or grow, I can change or add components."

Concludes Crete, "I've never seen anything, anywhere better or more valuable than the Lista storage systems."