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North Dakota Dealership Creates Service Technician’s Dream Come True

Custom-configured integrated service bays and technician toolboxes contribute to increased productivity and capacity

Gateway Automotive knew work was not flowing smoothly at its existing Nissan Hyundai service facility, and they were not getting the productivity they wanted because of the way the shop was configured. With eight service bays, four wide by two deep, the shop was small, dark, and congested.

Gateway wanted the new service facility, now expanded to 19 service bays, to be efficient and professional looking. They wanted a uniform “clean cut” look, so if they brought people to the service area during repairs, it would look presentable and attractive. They also wanted to provide enough space for tools and design a space that focused on efficiency.

Gateway looked around at various options, discussing them with BSE, their local distributor. They ultimately selected Lista International, with whom they had worked on the successful 2006 renovation project. “We decided to go with Lista because we know their product works,” said Dardis.

The new cabinets, all in the distinctive Nissan red, are sleek and aesthetic, making the stations uniform and well balanced. Clutter is eliminated, with space for service towels and rags, service manuals, and a computer for diagnostics.