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Prime Motor chooses Lista to outfit state-of-the-art Mercedes service center

Scarborough, ME / automotive service department

Prime Motor Group was building a new $10 million Mercedes-Benz dealership in southeast Maine. Dan Doucette, the store's Operations Manager, has been in the automotive business for 34 years, and is well aware that most auto dealership service departments are crowded, dirty and have a disorganized appearance because of the hodge-podge of toolboxes owned by the service technicians.

For this newly built department, Doucette was determined that all components exhibit a quality fit for the Mercedes vehicles they would be servicing.

It was vital to Doucette that the dealership provide toolboxes to the technicians, rather than allowing them to use their own. He cites the advantages: "First of all, employee retention. Technicians are more likely to stay if you have provided them with their toolbox. Second, by providing these Lista boxes we have a shop with a nice, clean, uniform look. And in a new facility like this, you can control how the space is used."

Dan worked with the dealership's architect to design the service department. He looked at several different workbench manufacturers, but settled on Lista workbenches and toolboxes because of their superior quality. Lista's dimensions and specs were integrated into the architect's plans during the design phase. The result is 12 identical technician stations, each featuring a Lista workbench and a Lista combination cabinet which the technician uses as his or her personal toolbox.

The workbenches feature sliding doors with shelf storage behind them, a stainless steel top (chosen for its good looks and durability), and a wet clean base, which enables personnel to easily clean under the benches. The toolboxes also have wet clean bases, and include a wide top drawer to hold longer tools, as well as two bays of standard sized drawers for the tech's tools and supplies.

The Lista work bays have been a real success, achieving the goals of uniformity, superior aesthetics, and a clean shop. Doucette appreciates the toolboxes' PrevenTip® system, which keeps even heavily-loaded cabinets from tipping over by allowing only one drawer to be open at a time. The handsome benches and toolboxes are a hit with the technicians as well, with their heavy-duty durability standing up to tough daily use. Doucette is so pleased with his Lista solution that he plans to outfit the company's new Toyota store with Lista products as well.