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Rodman Lincoln Mercury revs up auto parts department with Lista storage solutions

Foxboro, MA / automotive parts department

The Lincoln-Mercury division of this large Massachusetts-based car dealership needed to completely revamp its auto parts department. Rodman's use of open industrial shelving and different sized storage boxes hindered access to parts, while eating up space and presenting an unprofessional image to customers (who could view the area through a Plexiglas® wall). In addition, the countertops used for parts repair and other types of work did not offer direct access to equipment and tools.

Rodman was looking to consolidate storage space, improve aesthetics and increase efficiency and productivity.

Parts Manager Vin Pellegrino found an ideal solution to these problems in a workspace and storage system from Lista that included a Storage Wall® system and an array of modular storage cabinets configured to create storage space and an issue counter.

Pellegrino and the Rodman parts department make full use of the flexible capabilities of the Lista Storage Wall system. They use the system primarily for fast moving parts, with items like air filters and fuel filters on shelving and smaller items like spark plugs consolidated into the Storage Wall drawers. The versatility of the system is exemplified by Rodman's use of one of the shelves to house a fax machine.

Pellegrino explained his drawer storage needs to Lista's sales department prior to delivery. So the Storage Wall and cabinet drawer interiors were specified and configured in advance to provide maximum organization and easiest access to the most popular parts.

"Accessibility is probably the main benefit we're getting from the Lista system," says Pellegrino. "With the cabinets set up to form workstations, and all the cabinets having butcher block worksurfaces, our technicians can do their jobs more efficiently. They have ready access to their computers on the cabinet tops and to the parts they need below the worksurface in drawers and open shelving. The whole operation is smoother and more efficient."

All drawers are now labeled, and locating parts and performing product inventory are far less daunting tasks. Plus, the parts department now presents a much more organized and aesthetically appealing image to Rodman customers who can clearly see this smooth running facility through the glass partition.