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Viti Mercedes likes the looks of its Lista storage solution

Tiverton, RI / automotive parts department

Viti Mercedes, Rhode Island's largest Mercedes-Benz dealer, has been serving the southern New England market since 1975. The company sells more than 1,000 Mercedes-Benz automobiles each year, a volume that necessitated a recent expansion of its facilities.

Viti Mercedes is a long-time Lista customer. Jim Gray, Vice President of Fixed Operations at Viti Mercedes, decided to replace the service department's shelving in order to outfit the department with Lista cabinets, Storage Wall® units and computer cabinets. "Before we found Lista, we had both space and style issues," recalls Gray. "We had a simple shelving solution that looked quite unprofessional, and I didn't like the look we were presenting to customers."

Viti Mercedes needed a storage solution that would maximize the use of space, but with a professional look.

The entire parts department at Viti Mercedes is outfitted with Lista cabinets and Storage Wall systems, each specifically configured to hold different parts. The Storage Wall system, with its exceptional weight-bearing capacity, is even up to the task of storing heavy brake rotors on its roll-out trays. Viti's 35 service technicians use computers stored in fan-cooled Lista computer cabinets with Plexiglas®-windowed doors.

All of the Lista products at Viti are painted a custom "Mercedes Blue" color, which Gray says gives the cabinets the clean, professional look he was aiming for.

"Lista cabinets provided a cosmetic improvement by far, but they also helped us add more to our parts department," said Gray.

The technicians at Viti have found that the Lista products improve efficiency. The stacked drawer and shelf cabinets are easy to organize, so lots of different sized parts can fit with little wasted space, and little wasted time finding the right part. "We are very happy with our Lista cabinets, and find the quality to be excellent," said Gray. "All our additional parts space will be outfitted with Lista products."